There are many Ford performance features that have impressed the team here at Tapper Ford. The powertrain is arguably the most crucial component of any SUV’s performance. Thankfully, the Ford Edge has a remarkable powertrain, which includes a sporty automatic transmission and two available engines.

Under the hood of the Ford Edge, the two engines you could find are the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine and the 2.0L direct-injection twin-scroll EcoBoost engine. The former is what the ST will come standard with. These engines were built to optimize not only performance but also fuel efficiency.

Moving on to the Ford Edge’s transmission, this vehicle comes with a sporty eight-speed automatic transmission. With race-inspired technology and steering wheel-mounted paddles, this transmission makes it easy for Paw Paw, MI Ford Edge owners to switch from gear to gear without needing to move their hands away from the Ford Edge’s steering wheel.

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