The 2020 Ford Super Duty is a heavy-duty pickup truck. There is a reason that the saying "Build Ford Tough" exists. Ford trucks are known for being durable, and the 2020 Ford Super Duty is built to pull trailers and haul large loads. It also has a variety of features that make it a strong choice for Paw Paw drivers.

The Ford Super Duty is made out of military-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy. This material makes the truck resistant to rust, dents, and dings. Another benefit of the aluminum alloy is that it is durable, yet relatively lightweight.

The Super Duty truck also has a high-strength steel frame. The 2020 design is 24 times stiffer than the one on the previous model. This feature is designed to make it easier for you to tow, and it also minimizes twisting and flexing. If you are interested in taking the 2020 Ford Super Duty for a test drive, we invite you to visit our Ford dealership in Paw Paw.


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