Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio

Since it's 1965 introduction, the Ford Mustang has been considered one of the best U.S. performance vehicles. With the newest model year, it also pulls drivers into the mindsets of their ancestors. Not recent ones mind you. We're talking about those who battled saber-tooth tigers.

With Mustang's Active Performance Exhaust Audio, drivers are going to feel that fight-or-flight response, but in a good way. It's done via autonomic response. The thunder of the engine and exhaust have been primed to trigger a reaction. For those who like to drive without any noise, a switch in the center console disables the audio.

Reading about the Active Performance Exhaust Audio is one thing. Hearing it is another. The only way to do this is to visit our nearby Ford dealership. Once you listen to the difference, take a test drive. The autonomic response you get might encourage you to drive a Mustang off the lot.

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