The Wow Factor and the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

A full-size passenger wagon stands as an impressive sight on the road. The Ford Transit captivates attention once travels on roads and highways. Few would expect such a large vehicle to move so well, yet it does. When you intend to transport a large number of people, the Ford Transit seems like an exceptional choice.

The number of people you can transport in the vehicle depends on the particular model purchased. If you go with the regular Transit, the occupancy comes out to eight passengers. 12 and 15-passenger seating is available with other models. Surprisingly, seating can go as low as two passengers, as well.

Headroom is another feature drivers and passengers appreciate in the Ford Transit. Three roof heights are available: low, medium, and high. The spaciousness certainly adds to comfort and more.

A test drive is a must when purchasing such a unique vehicle. We have models in stock, so would-be buyers near Paw Paw should check Ford Transit models out at Tapper Ford.


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