Ford Mustang Handling Features

The Ford Mustang offers drivers a whole new driving experience with its performance engines. With a number of different engines, it’s clear that Ford wanted to challenge and convention, which is why they’ve also brought out new driving modes like Drag Strip mode. With this feature, you can turn your vehicle into a fast, sharp-turning, drag-style sports car. It’s perfect for those who live for power and speed.

The standard Mustang comes with a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive train. However, this can be updated. For example, some of the options include a MagneRide suspension system and Brembo braking system. Both of these options will make your car even more powerful on the road while still maintaining that smooth gear shifting.

It’s time for you to experience the new Ford Mustang for yourself. Your fun test drive is waiting for you at Tapper Ford centrally located in Paw Paw, MI.

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