Take heed of your warning indicator lights

Do you often let of a sigh of frustration when you see a warning indicator light come on in your dash? You're not alone. Here at Tapper Ford we know how frustrating dealing with car issues can be. That's why our service center is here to ensure that your vehicle gets the care and attention it needs when these lights come on.


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Warning indicator lights serve a distinct and important purpose. They're here to alert us to an issue that needs immediate addressing, and ignoring them can lead to permanent damage to your car as well as potentially dangerous driving situation. We'll be happy to take a peek at the issue whenever you see your light come, assess the situation and suggest the next proper steps to alleviate the problem. Our team is efficient, expertly trained and will always do the job right.

Next time you see a warning indicator light come on in your vehicle, please call us and schedule a service appointment right away.

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